We are a company born in Mexico with 40 years of hard work and experience in the casting and transformation of brass to create durable and high quality products for domestic and industrial use. Our commitment is to provide our customers with products and services for special manufacturing processes that can be a cost-effective solution to their needs.


We have two business lines to cover all our customers' needs, from individual products for domestic use to comprehensive solutions for industries.


We continuously invest in new equipment and develop our innovative technology in-house, so that we can accurately and swiftly increase the manufacturing capacity in our alloys. We currently have the necessary facilities to carry out the following services:


We use electromagnetic induction furnaces that guarantee the homogenization of the alloys and the quality of the metal.

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In this process the brass flows through the matrix at a controlled speed and temperature, obtaining bars and profiles with a wide range of special shapes.

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It is a procedure by which we manufacture various parts in different dimensions, starting with the help of specialized machines with computerized numerical control (CNC), to be later reviewed by personnel trained in the use of specialized tools in Quality Control with only one goal in mind: all parts must have the exact measurements, as dictated by the design of our clients.

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We have the industrial capacity of maquila and also a variety of machines for complete processes, which guarantee microporosity-free pieces.

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We have the equipment and trained personnel to develop final brass pieces or preforms to forge brass with lead, that will be taken to machining processes.

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Renowned companies trust us to develop the pieces that make up their products because they know that with us the quality is guaranteed.

Are you ready to start your next project in a place where the customer support, the professionalization of our technicians and the engineering department blend with the best technology?